At Draught 55 our mission is to bring you the best in American craft brews. It is also important to us to support local brewers. This means all types of brewers, professional brewers and homebrewers alike. And what better way to support our beer drinkers than by celebrating the beers they brew in their own homes.
We believe by hosting a homebrew competition we will be able to connect professional Brewers with homebrewers, beer enthusiasts, community members and people who just want to learn more about the beer they drink and where it comes from.
Although the prizes are yet to be announced we are currently working with sponsors and breweries to try and bring the winning beer to the taps of Draught55 through one of our supporting local Breweries. Prizes and awards will be given for Best of Show, Runners Up and Category Winners. The competition details are as follows:

This competition is sanctioned by The American Homebrewers Association & The BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program).

⦁ Date: Saturday September 16th
⦁ Time: 9am – 7pm
⦁ Cost of entry is $10 (Limit of 250 entries in this competition)
⦁ Payment can be made online, or in person.
⦁ Two 12oz glass bottles per entry will be accepted.
⦁ BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines will be used for Judging.
⦁ Winners will be announced following the judging at Draught 55
We will be using a competition software called Reggie Beer to manage this competition. Please use the links provided below to participate. Follow the instructions to register your beer for entry or to register as a participating Judge.
To enter your beer in this competition please register the entry here:

and follow these instructions.
1. Create a new account
2. Click [Entries]
3. Click [Add An Entry] and complete the form.
4. Remember to click [Save New Entry] when finished.
5. Payment can be made during registration through PayPal or IN PERSON at Draught55.
Now all you have to do is brew some delicious beer. Bottle it up and get it to us before Tuesday September 12th. This date gives us a few days to sort all the bottles for judging.
If you have any questions please contact our competition organizer Ian at the following email address:

Note: We are also looking for Judges. If you are a registered BJCP judge or are interested in judging please email us.